Developed for every life stage

ProVen Probiotics is a revolutionary range of products which establishes a new benchmark in the maintenance of intestinal and immune health.

ProVen Probiotics is the first range of probiotics specifically developed and tailored to meet the different demands of all life-stages from pregnancy to 50 plus.

Separate products have also been developed to support specific lifestyle and health needs, such as travel, digestive health and energy.

Why are ProVen Probiotics different?

With six major human UK studies, all demonstrating positive benefits in intestinal and immune heath, ProVen Probiotics and the Lab4 friendly bacteria they contain are one of the most studied groups of friendly bacteria in the world.

ProVen Probiotics have been developed by Dr Nigel Plummer and produced by the only manufacturer in Europe approved to make probiotics as medicines - a partnership which has produced some of the most well known probiotic brands for the past 25 years.

As living organisms, probiotics are notoriously fragile. ProVen Probiotics are stomach acid and bile tolerant, meaning that when taken at the same time as food, they survive into the intestines where they can be used to support the microflora.

The production processes used for ProVen Probiotics, combined with optimised packaging and oversupply of the friendly bacteria in each serving mean that the products are guaranteed to be stable for 18 months at ambient temperatures.  ProVen Probiotics guarantee that our products will always meet the label claim for the number of bacteria – the number on the label is the minimum count for each capsule, tablet or serving.

ProVen Probiotics have also developed a unique technique to combine the friendly bacteria with other nutrients at high levels without de-stabilising the probiotic, making them the only high quality probiotics combined with other multinutrients.

When you take ProVen Probiotics, the beneficial Lab4 bacteria start to repopulate the intestine, filling in the gaps where the good bacteria have been lost and crowding out the less desirable types. This process is particularly important following the use of antibiotics, which have the effect of depleting the numbers of good bacteria in the intestine.

Cultech Ltd (the company that manufactures the ProVen Probiotics products) is the only company in Europe licensed by the MHRA to produce probiotics for clinical studies. Approval to give probiotics to 500 healthy newborn babies for the Swansea Baby Study is testament to the quality and safety of our products.

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